The idea of ​​Erasmus Forest  was born in 2008 with the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland by planting 1000 trees with support of National Forest and National Agency, in Celestynow close to Warsaw. ESN sections in Poland celebrated 10 years of learning about other countries, cultures, language and teaching methods, so everything about Erasmus. Erasmus Forest, is a symbol of entry into a new decade of the program in Poland. Erasmus Forest is 3 phased project.

The first and main part is planting trees, with support of Forest District of the region.The second part areclasses from the cycle “Europe in school” running by Erasmus students called: “How is it in your country, that is environmental protection everyday”. And the last one is the publication with National Forests promoting ecologic attitudes among children and teenagers.

Chech out our last Erasmus Forest Event: Erasmus Forest 2014