The idea of ​​Erasmus Forest  was born in 2008 with the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. ESN sections in Poland celebrated 10 years of learning about other countries, cultures, language and teaching methods, so everything about Erasmus. Erasmus Forest, is a symbol of entry into a new decade of the program in Poland. Erasmus Forest is 3 phased project. The first and main part is planting trees.


Every year our Erasmus and ESN UP Wrocław Members together with other local sections from Wrocław:

  • Wrocław University (Universytet Wrocławski)
  • Wrocław University of Economics (Universytet Ekonomiczny)
  • Wrocław University of Technology (Politechnika Wrocławska)

are making this small-BIG different In our Global Environment by replanting the forest.

During academic year 2013-2014 we went to Milicz Forest District close to the village Rakłowice.

On Thursday 24.04., after party and a long night for some students, we took a bus to the spot. During the ride started to rain… so we were concerned about the weather and our plans, cause nobody wanted to plant trees in rain and get wet in 10 minutes… We (ESN teams) didn’t want to get cold and spend week visiting a doctors with Erasmus students… So we were hoping it will be better when we get to the place. And it was, first 10 minutes was still rainy but then the sun came out and we had an amazing sunny day (some used it to get first suntan).



Over 50 people planted around 4000 pine’s seeds in less than four hours.

It was four hours of hard work…




…and small breaks (also photos’ breaks)



After that we put the commemorative plaque which tells that this is our part of the forest, so in few (or more) years when one of our foresters decide to come back to Poland he/she can find own tree!!!


And in 50 years our forest will look like that:

After hard work everyone deserved a little bit of rest and FOOD!!! So we get the invitation for a small barbeque on the glade!. We were very hungry! But there was enough sausages and bread and sweet rolls to satisfied everybody.

On the way home everyone (almost – someone had to take pictures :P) took a small nap.