Erasmus Hall is on of the SocialErasmus events which is organized by many local sections in Poland in hospitals, schools, children's houses etc.

Our section deicded to make this project during 2013-2014 academic year. For few months we were preparing everything: first of all we found a spot - Children's House at Chopina Street in Wrocław we get these:


and with creative brains and creativity we created projects based on inspirations from internet:


The next thing we had to do before real job could start was preparing the rooms and primed walls. So on the 12th of June at 20:00.


We removed all furnitures, carpets, posters etc., we covered it with protective foils, we protected the floor against splashes and we primed walls, after 3 hours of hard work we could rest a bit, cause the day after, on the 13th, we had to be back on the battle field and start to paint what we''d planned. We started with the removal of ceiling tiles, so one of us could paint it outdoors  (thanks God it wasn't raining), while the others were painting walls in yellow, green and beige so the rooms would be always lighted even by cloudy and stormy weather outside.


We had a lot of fun during this work, we were working 11 hours and on the end we had paint on our legs, hands, even faces (and it was not by accident) . 



After three layers of basic color was dry, we could pretend to be artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrant, Monet... for a one day... Thanks God we also had Olga and Alisa - our real Masters of Art, without them and support of projector (for projecting images on the walls) we wouldn't do it. 



They made contours and we filled them with colors, we also gave the motivating quotes to inspire the Girls to believe in theirselves and trust that they can be and do whatever they want. 

And this is how we made these:



On the end of the day we were tired but happy that we made some good for these kids. With the support of PPG Polifarb Cieszyn SA which found all materials, brushes, paints, protective foils we could make this project a rality. 

Big thanks for the  PPG Company!!!