November 21 is celebrated as Hello World Day, in Poland we called it Dzień Życzliwości i Pozdrowień - World Day of Kindness and Greetings, day of good deeds and positive emotions. It's not so popular in Poland yet, so some people forget about this holiday, some don’t know at all. So this is why every year ESN UP Wrocław together with Erasmus Students organize nice event called Free Hugs!

We go to the Main Square (Rynek) in the city center and share love, friendliness, happiness, joy with people who are not afraid of cheerful people. We also teach them that smile and nice word can make someone’s day better ;)

The reactions of people are various: from running away – Seriously! They see us, cross the street and run (means walk really, really fast)!! Some people laughing but walk away, some takes our hugs with pleasure and smile, sometimes also with good word, but the best is that some people come alone to us once or sometimes twice – mostly guys cause we have always pretty girls with us ;)

This year addition we were group of 15 people with huge posters: FREE HUGS!

Take a look: