November 21 is celebrated as World Day of Kindness and Greetings, day of good deeds and positive emotions. The idea of this event is derived from the United States in 1973, when two brothers Brian and Michael McCormack decided to respond to an armed conflict between Egypt and Israel. They wanted to show the world that the fight and envy harm and not build. Kindness initiative was designed to convince governments to solve problems in a peaceful manner. 

The original name of the holiday is Hello World Day and symbolizes the goal of the day, that is saying "hello" to at least ten people a day. 
Currently Kindness Day is celebrated in more than 180 countries. Its aim is to sensitize people on mutual kindness, awakening in them positive emotions. This is an appeal against the problems and often sad reality. 


The message of the action is simple - let's be kind every day, not just on holidays. Remember that the positive energy that pass in the world to people coming back to us with a vengeance!









Ten years ago - 2004 Juan Mann in Sydney began this positive compaign by offering free hugs to the total starngers on the street to brighten up their lives, more about the Free Hugs Compaign: FREE HUGS

Our Free Hugs is the best way to share this positive energy and love to the people. That's why we want to do it every year (and not only once a year!)


Our last Free Hugs Event: FREE HUGS