The Idea about sending a postcards to sick children, which are before very difficult surgery or are struggling with hard disease came up on the mind of ESN Member Ula (SocialErasmus Coordinator 2012-2014) when she heard about Oliwka, she get postcards from all over the world, so if she can have it why not the other kids?


So she asked foreign students, other ESN members, friends from all over the world to send a postcard with best wishes to the sick children (through her). This April we sent over 70 postcards to 5 children from Poland.

One of the Babies is Kalinka from Wrocław, who needed heart surgery. Her parents were collecting money for it, because the only chance for it was in Italy, which was very expensive, this is why we also make a small donation for it. 2 months later we get information that she had the surgery and she is better now, and “one day she will read postcards from Erasmus students, which are waiting for her in the small box” – wrote her Mum. She can grow up like other (totally healthy) children!!!

If you want to send a postcard to sick children you can contact with us we will organize this event this academic year too!!!