Shortly before Christmas, when we all think already about family, this special time of giving a lot of people want to change something around them. Share love, joy and happiness with others. 
Our ESN team decided to help The Animal Shelter every year in winter as much as we can…
So we do collect of food and blankets among Erasmus Students at the beginning of December, and together on 6th of December, which is Santa Claus Day in Poland we go to the Animal Shelter and leave our gifts there.  
We take 2-3 Erasmus Students with us – as a delegation, we also get to see some of these poor animals, our hearts always hurts… Poor dogs, which are begging for a little bit of love from human. The abandoned pets which became nuisance for the owners…

This small gift from our small Family helps somehow survive the winter time, which in Poland can be very hard: -15 degrees it’s a lot (or very low) for these animals!

We also want to make a volunteering program at the Shelter for our Students, especially for veterinary students. We are working on it. 


Wrocław's Animal Shelter: