SocialErasmus (SE) is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) with the aim of involving international students, participating in university exchange, in to social and volunteering activities in their host country. The project promotes a social attitude among international students and facilitates their social integration into the local community while exploring the added value that resides in the diversity in Europe. The project's motto:

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The project is based on three pillars:
  • Charity:Social activities with a charitable purpose
  • Environment: Activities that promotes environmental thinking or serves an environmental purpose
  • Education: Educational activities that integrate international students with the society


The project is for students who want something more from the programme than parties, easy life, travels (although they are great). SE is the opportunity for forgein students to contributed with local community which benefit them, environment and society. This is the way upstream, not like the others with an easy flow. 

Projects organized by our section:


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